All of our clients choose to take advantage of the many ways that Automate can send out complex emails. Automate can fill in specific data fields, and send them to particular recipients, based on certain workflow conditions. With this type of document automation we know that the right information gets into the right hands — every time and quickly! Almost all of this seamless communication is for internal use: from one department to another, or as an alert that certain things are happening elsewhere in that company’s tech stack.

And when information that’s being shared internally, aesthetics tend to take a backseat. But what about when you’re interfacing with your clients? We always want our emails not only to be professionally written, but to look professional as well. This may be as small as using your company logo in the email signature to something as complex as a marketing type email.

I was curious about certain type of marketing triggers we might employ and the implications on our emailing system. Here is an example designer email I had our team create. Now this is the type of delicious looking email I would be proud to send to a client!

Designer Email
Document automation just got a lot more beautiful